Previously ‘The Men’s Room’, The owner found the name and logo didn’t at all portray what they were about. He wanted to come up with something modern and minimal and steer away from the traditional barber look and feel. Together we came up with BRNCTY Barbers (Burn City being an unofficial nickname of Melbourne). The logo is a simple sans-serif lockup with the letter forms being sliced in half, much like hair follicles as a clipper goes over the head for that tight tapered fade. He also required a monogram and a suite of sport-inspired graphics to support the logo for various branding/advertising and merchandise; One of the graphics being ‘6 Import Lane’ printed on the back of t-shirts and sold in the shops so the wearers are a walking advertisement for the shop and its location. The t-shirts were a very sought after purchase to regular and new clientele. The site is a one page website with a simple purpose of getting people to book in. Upon loading the page, the viewer is enticed by a scrolling animation with several graphics rolling over including branding and the location of the barbershop. This screen was paired with a book now button to hopefully impress the viewer and encourage them to book now, Upon scrolling there is a BRNCTY ticker animation with a little info about the company. Scrolling through the website the graphics in the background have a parallax effect, moving slower than the front content. Whilst we had worked on the design and development of this site, it was due to go live, however, due to COVID-19 they, unfortunately, had to close down.

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